about me

A woman who was told her name was Nélida. For real?

Nélida D’Amato

I am an artist and live in Buenos Aires.
I am the founder of Stud de las Artes.
I studied art therapy, social psychology and labor psychopedagogy at Sorbonne University – School of Arts [Sorbonne Université – Faculté de Lettres].  

plastic artist

To me, the secret of art lies in acquiring certain degree of epidermis roughness that lessens my vulnerability and capacity for suffering.


All that has been said about artists not being the best to judge themselves, nor the most suitable observers of their own work, is absolutely true …

But, sometimes, it is good to reflect on what one does; to clarify for oneself.
In spite of naive simulation, of interested partiality, of conscious mystification, these testimonies succeed in revealing ways of being of the creating condition that seek to clarify or define what sometimes is invisible to the eye.
I follow the mysterious path traced by my instinct, with a fiery approach that comes out from my shyness to achieve new conquests.

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Have you thought of giving art as a gift?

“A work of art is an original gift that will leave your mark forever on the person receiving it”