It takes a lot of courage to be an artist, a researcher or a scientist. Really.
You invest a lot of yourself, your life, your time and it is possible that for nothing.
You can spend years painting, sculpting, researching and sometimes, before you finish, you realize that you are on the wrong path.
I am never disappointed, discoveries are always pleasant.
In this pandemic I discovered something lovely, paper, acid and inks and it was fun.
I have realized by examining the results, what each drop of acid can do and I really enjoy studying those details, I have found rapid and unexpected rotations, suddenly galaxies … and I have become obsessed with those little things so curious to me.
As he tried to decide what to do, they did their thing.
I learned to alternate my belief in the rules of art with skepticism about them.
Many times I asked myself, am I doing weird things? And suddenly I said to myself, no, I do the reflection work in another room, here I only play with these sketches on the pieces of paper, and suddenly I understood everything … but nothing really mattered, it was just fun, very funny because it was discovering something new in my inner galaxy …