art therapy

art therapy


Art is a highly effective therapeutic tool for the treatment of conditions related to mental health and emotional well-being. Artistic expression helps people communicate, reduce stress and overcome anxiety issues.

art is.

resistance: it resists death, slavery, infamy, shame.

Gilles Deleuze


It is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process to improve physical and psychological well-being.
The expression of one’s emotions can help improve self-awareness, self-esteem, control, reduce stress and anxiety. Improve the state of consciousness, attention and creativity. It is not necessary for a person to be an artist in order to benefit from the positive aspects of art, since the goal is to improve quality of life. Social and communication skills are improved and problematic behaviors are controlled while enjoying a pleasant and minimally invasive therapy..


While human beings have used art to express and communicate themselves for centuries, art therapy began to formalize during the 20’s of the last century. At that time, health professionals started realizing that some patients suffering from certain conditions would often express themselves through painting or other artistic forms, which led to exploring the uses of art as a therapeutic strategy.


They must have a specialized post graduate degree; it falls within the scope of health care professions. In this way, art therapy combines two areas, psychology and art.

Psychology provides knowledge of the behaviour, its process and development, while art knowledge is important because the therapist uses different means and techniques to work: painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.


It allows to express feelings, thoughts and emotions, thus acting as a form of liberation. It is an effective way to help people who have trouble expressing themselves, facilitates communication, helps improve quality of life, treats phobias and body image disorders and improves self-esteem.

In general, art therapy makes it possible to give meaning to a highly stimulating task that is also very creative. At the same time, it offers a way to express feelings and points of view that otherwise would be reserved for the individual, creating frustration.

Well-being is the psychological experience of pleasure and happiness. While on a state of well-being, we are capable of enjoying life and downplaying daily problems and frustrations.

4 class seminar

It is biologically proven that it reduces high levels of pain and stress.

Please note that a prior interview will be conducted before you may participate in this seminar..
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